Knee Arthritis Treatment

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Have you been suffering with knee pain? Treating knee pain is always a complicated due to the natural complexity of the joints make up. OsteoArthritis Center of NJ makes the latest treatments available for its patients to ensure they get the best recovery. Synvisc/ Hyalgan injections are fairly recently treatments that have proven to aid in knee pain relief. If you are suffering with pain, call today to schedule an appointment today.

We rely on our knees to get things done. Due to aging, sudden injury or genetic predisposition our knees become worn and can experience pain. Treatments for the knee have always been complicated due to the naturally complicated structure of the joint. The Synvisc/ Hyalgan Injections work by using a natural liquid to provide relief for knee pain. They contain a substance called hyaluronate, which is a liquid that is found in the knee which serves to lubricate and cushions your knee joint.The substance is distributed throughout connective, epithelial, and neural tissues. As we get older the hyaluronate content decreases and the knees become more painful. The treatment which is carried out over the course of weeks provides great relief for pain.

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If you are suffering from knee pain and are seeking relief, consider visiting Medwell Spine & Osteoarthritis Center. They provide Synvisc/ Hyalgan injections and other rehabilitative procedures that have helped patients overcome their pain. For patients living in Bergen County, New Jersey, call today to schedule an appointment.